6 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween Costume Ideas

6 Easy Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! The end of October marks the scariest holiday day of the year, or the official holiday for those of us with a sweet tooth. Filled with treats, pumpkins, goblins and ghouls, getting to dress up with your family and friends is one of the best parts of Halloween! If you’re looking for a simple, creative costume this year, we’ve listed six ideas below.

Pantone Color Combo Costume

If you’re anything like us, odds are you’re obsessed with painting, home décor, and the like. Simply wear a monochrome or two-tone outfit and print off a “Pantone” paper to stick to your outfit! The Pantone Colors of the Year are yellow and gray if you needed a little inspiration!

Airplane Pilots / Aviators

Channel your inner Maverick and break out those aviators! Airplane pilots are a quick and easy costume for anyone in the family. Jeans, white t-shirts and bomber jackets are easy ways to elevate the costume.


This timeless costume has stuck around for a reason! If you’re looking to add some personality to the plain white sheets, try sunglasses, baseball hats, lipstick or drawing on expressive eyes and mouths.

Bandit / Robbers

If you and your partner in crime need an easy costume this Halloween, try dressing as bandits! The best part of this costume is that you probably have everything you need in your closet right now. Pair a black and white striped shirt with black pants and a black hat, and grab one of the extra grocery bags we all have lying around.

Party Animals

This costume is great for couple or group of friends. Dress to impress in your favorite cocktail attire and simply add animal ears and/or draw on whiskers and a nose with makeup or paint!

Farmer and Produce

This costume is perfect for the whole family! Designate one or two people to be the farmer(s) and everyone else can dress as the crops. Strawberries, pumpkins, carrots or corn are just a few ideas, but you can get as creative as you want. Bonus idea: the family pet can dress as the cow, chicken or pig.


Are you looking for your city’s trick or treat times? Check out Haunted Wisconsin’s list of 2021 Trick or Treat Times!

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