Flowers and well-groomed perennials merge with tomatoes, peppers and herbs to create the Edible Garden

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Traditional landscaping, as we know it, is beginning to see a shift. In the past, the yard and the garden have been two isolated entities. The yard was for the flowers and the ferns, well-groomed perennials neatly arranged in mulch and planters. Meanwhile, the garden was relegated to a wood box in the backyard, packed with tomatoes, peas, peppers, or herbs, if you even remembered to plant something this year. This partition of plant life is beginning to experience a change, however, as the concept of edible gardens make their way into our outdoor design trends.

Edible plants mix with ornamental gardening

Rather than isolating aesthetic and edibility, more and more horticulture enthusiasts are bridging that divide by incorporating edible plants into their ornamental gardening. There is a variety of reasons to do so! Whether it is for a healthier lifestyle, saving money on groceries, having fresher produce, beautifying garden spaces, or simply for fun, it certainly is not hard to rationalize the decision. There are a variety of ways and spaces to do this as well. You can lean more into the traditional garden boxes, have a more free-form planting style, opt for a wide variety of pots and planters, or combine any of those concepts to create a garden that reflects your own personal style.

Then comes choosing the plants themselves. There is a wide variety of edible flowers. If you still want blossoms scattered around include carnations, sunflowers, pansies, or other such flowers. Some vegetables that can work well are tomatoes, squash, okra, beans, peppers, or different leafy greens like chard, kale, or cabbage. Herbs are also an essential feature. Some popular choices are basil, garlic, chives, rosemary, or parsley. And, if you want to go really adventurous, consider planting a tree! Climate can be a major factor in these so be sure to read up on what grows well in your area, but fruits such as apples, pears, plums, or peaches can make for a great addition!

Edible gardens are flipping the world of traditional landscaping on its trend, so jump on and revamp your gardening!

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