Home Renovations: Where to Put the Kitchen Sink?

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Home renovations can be a stressful time for homeowners; questions arise about the layout, functionality and entertaining quality of the space and what is the best fit. When looking to re-do your kitchen counter top, many families proceed to put the sink in the middle of the island, which makes sense from a symmetry and aesthetic standpoint, but not so much when it comes to food prep. Having equal amounts of counter top on each side can look pretty, but leaves much to be desired when having to chop up vegetables on one side and plate on the other.


Renegade designer, Matthew Quinn, is no fan of wasted counter space. Therefore he has bucked tradition and come up with a brand new idea, putting the sink in the corner of the kitchen island to maximize usable area for cooking. Even in the best of circumstances, homeowners “end up with a maximum of two feet of counter space on either side,” Quinn told the Los Angeles Times. “For someone who really cooks, you want as much prep space as possible.”

Now you have double the counter space and can access the sink on two sides, which can make for a more fun cooking experience! It also encapsulates a very family friendly cooking style. Parents and children can now be corner-to-corner and able to look at each other while they prep instead of side by side.

If you are looking for an upgrade, the corner sink is the perfect deal. If you have finished your renovation, consider filling the space with a butcher block? This way you don’t have to try to perfectly match the old grain on your counter top and you won’t need to search for a cutting board again!

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