Quick Decorations Under 10 Minutes to Stage Your House

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Clear jars: Gather up several clear jars, different shapes, lids or no lids and fill them with various items to match a room. Create a vignet of three of them on a table, dresser, shelf, or mantle. What to put in the jar? Think simple–different kinds of colorful candy; rocks or seashells; different types of branches; different types of nuts in their shell; Christmas ornaments; spools of colorful thread; buttons; crayons; soaps; soaps in fancy wrappers.

Textiles: The most obvious is a throw or afghan over a sofa or chair, but what about draping a nice afghan over a stair balcony? Take old decorative pillows and tie scarves around them for a new look. Something crafty for winter? Hang hand knit mittens or hats from a cord in front of the fireplace. In the bathroom? Layer small, decorative hand towels on the towel bar. Fashion a new, decorative shower curtain from a quilt or decorative sheet.

Walls: Feel like painting? Purchase blank canvas from an art store, some paints to match a room and paint abstract shapes and hang. Cluster small items on a wall to take up large space–12 plates hung three across and in four rows. Like that old calendar? Cut the 12 photos and frame them with matting to create an inexpensive wall grouping. In the bedroom, hang a grouping of lovely evening bags or scarves.

Bookshelves and bookcases: Arrange and pile books based on color of the binding. Mix in colorful vases and candles in between groups of books. Hang pictures from shelves in front of bookcases to obscure some of the books and create interest.

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