Wisconsin Sales-Tax Holiday Begins Wednesday

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Qualifying school supplies, computers and clothing exempt from taxes Aug. 1–5


The schoSales Tax Blog pic 0730ol year is right around the corner. And, as parents and students start to think about the upcoming year, computers, school supplies and new clothing often top their lists. Fortunately, Wisconsin participates in the sales-tax holiday, allowing certain school-related purchases from Aug. 1 through Aug. 5 to be tax exempt.

These items qualify under the sales-tax holiday:

  • Clothing with each item costing less than $75
  • Computers (purchased for personal use) costing $750 or less
  • Computer supply items (purchased for personal use) must each cost $250 or less
  • School supplies each costing $75 or less.


Governor Scott Walker signed the bill earlier this year and is predicted to cost an estimate of $15 million in lost state revenue.

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