Home Prices Show Continued Growth in the First Six Months of 2013

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Housing prices have continued to rise throughout 2013, helping to aide the housing recovery and urge sellers back to the market. Nationally, home prices are up 7.9% over one year ago. Despite the significant growth we have seen in the past six months, home prices remain 16.3% below peak levels set in June 2006.

Median prices also continue to increase year-to-date, rising 7.7% compared with the first half of 2012. In Wisconsin, June median prices were up 12.3% compared with 2012, to $159,500.  Nationally, average home prices reached $226,000. All 40 of the largest U.S. metro areas have seen positive month-over-month growth, with Denver and Dallas reaching all-time price highs in May.

Sales in all price points continue to be robust throughout the United States. In the Midwest, the largest growth has been in our luxury home market, from $750,000 and higher. Also of note, the Midwest was the only region that showed growth in every price point, whereas throughout the Northeast, South and West we see slowing in the lowest price point, below $100,000.

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