ShorewestTV On Demand: Customized and Convenient Home Searches Available Online 24/7

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ShorewestTV is moving to a computer screen near you! We’re excited to bring you the new ShorewestTV On Demand at Continue to read below for our full explanation or watch our short introductory video here.

What is ShorewestTV On Demand? It’s an online video streaming service available 24/7 to anyone with an internet connection. Updated daily, it features every Shorewest property for sale with a narrated video tour of the property. ShorewestTV On Demand is easy to use, and you can jump forward or backward to look at any property more than once.

Using the homepage of ShorewestTV On Demand, you can create a custom search by property type, location and price range. Using the drop down menus, you can access pre-defined choices for area and price.

All of our drop-down menus automatically update to show only applicable choices based on other selections. Simply click the red “Search” button and a customized program of Shorewest properties for sale generates for you.

A playlist of Shorewest properties for sale that match your search starts with just one click. You can use the on-screen controls to pause or rewind a particular property. If you see a property coming up that you’d like to jump to, simply click on the property to jump ahead in the program.

On-screen controls allow you to easily click through to the property information page on for more information and photos. You’ll also be able to access other easy-to-use Shorewest features through the icons at the bottom of the screen. From additional searches to mortgages and insurance information, anything you need is just one click away.

Plus, you can use the closed captioning to read along with the audio, and have additional controls to pause, rewind and fast forward. The new ShorewestTV On Demand is everything you loved about ShorewestTV with so much more, making it a great custom experience. Check out ShorewestTV On Demand now at and start your home search today!

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